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2019 Season Updates

Welcome to Woodcrest Swim Club's 62nd Season!

This is our 62nd year in operation, providing great fun and value to families and individuals. We hope you are having a great winter and are looking forward to the summer at the pool!

Your Board of Trustees has been hard at work since the end of last summer to find cost savings, make improvements, and to ultimately provide a great experience for all of our members and guests. It's that time of year to renew your membership, but first here are some club updates: 

Pools & Grounds

We continue to maintain our pools, buildings and grounds. As you may remember, we had some necessary and significant pool repairs last year that resulted in extending the life of our medium pool, and made it more aesthetically pleasing too.  New projects for this spring include the annual painting of the pools, continuing to paint additional buildings with our new color scheme, repairing many of our benches, and more.

Management and Staff

We are excited to announce that Chris Del Rossi has joined Woodcrest as our head manager for 2019. Chris is well known in the community as a teacher in Cherry Hill and he has many years of experience managing pools.

For anyone interested in lifeguarding at the pool, an email or letter of intent should be sent to A resume should be included too. Any previous lifeguards need to reapply as we have limited positions this year. We value hard work, commitment and dedication.

Swim Team

We are also excited to announce our swim team coaching staff for 2019! Anna Montaquila will be our head coach. She has been coaching teams in South Jersey for the past 4 years, presently at SJAC including their USA Masters team. She has also been running the Woodcrest master swim program for the last 2 years. As a teacher, swim instructor and coach we look forward to having her utilize her many talents with our swim team!

Kailey Stankus will be joining us as an assistant coach. Kailey has also been coaching in the South Jersey area for the past 4 years, previously an assistant coach at Haddontowne. She is also presently coaching at SJAC, including their Special Olympics team. We cannot wait to see the great things Kailey has ahead of her as she joins our team!

Katie Doyle will be returning as an assistant coach for the 2019 season. This will be Katie's second year on our coaching staff.  She has been a member of our swim family since she was 5 years old and continues to be an integral part of our coaching staff!

Social Activities & Parties!

We will once again have a summer filled with activities and events at the pool. Look for more details soon on upcoming events such as: a Woodcrest Pub Crawl, a WRA Open House, an End of School Year Celebration, our annual Adult Social, Flick & Float movie nights, Ice Cream Socials, Teen Night, and much more!

In Memory

Two long time members passed away this winter. Paul Armstrong was a board member and president, swim official, and spent much of his time at the pool. Norman Klavens was one of Woodcrest’s original members. He and his wife and family spent many years enjoying the pool. Both Paul and Norman will both be missed. Our thoughts are with their families and friends.

Board of Trustees

At the end of last season, we welcomed new board member Scott Vasey. Bart Saidel was also re-elected to another 3 year term. 

Tri County Swim Championship Meet

Next year, in 2020, Woodcrest is proud to be hosting the Tri County Swim Championship Meet. Approximately 1500 swimmers participate and over 4000 people attend this fantastic event. While this is a massive undertaking and we’ll need everyone to lend a hand and volunteer, the club stands to bring in significant revenues from this event. The location rotates each year between the 34 swim clubs in the Tri County organization, so we will not have this opportunity again for a very long time. We are preparing our sponsorship packages now, look for more details soon!


Your Board of Trustees looks to keep our costs down wherever possible. We thank our many volunteers for helping in this regard too. Our rates have not increased since 2015, however, this year you will note a slight increase in our membership fees. This is due to a number of material capital expenses recently, along with planning for additional improvements and normal inflation and minimum wage adjustments.  Please keep in mind that the increase on average is 2.5%, ranging from only $6 to at the most $20, depending on the membership level.

·         One way you can save money: We still have the 5% Early Bird Discount if you renew before April 15th!

·         One way you can save the club money: Mail or deliver your membership fees via check - just follow the instructions online. While using a credit card is convenient, we do have to pay for this service.

·         And to make it easier, you can spread your payments over (up to) 5 months with our credit card installment plan.


For membership questions, email or leave a message at the club 856-428-1413 and someone will return your call shortly! 


We take great pride in providing a safe and happy place for our members to enjoy their summer. If you have any questions or concerns, please email 

See you at the pool!

Your WRA/Woodcrest Swim Club Board of Trustees

*(Early Bird Discount is not available with installment plan, or senior or new member discounts.)