399 Cranford Road (corner of Cranford and Astor)

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003



PO Box 656

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003




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Woodcrest Swim Club is happy to announce a new management team for 2017. Led by new manager Mr. Jesse Lyman, we look forward to a productive and fun summer for our members, staff and guests. Jesse has pool management and operational experience, and brings forth an eagerness to lead a strong team and run a smooth operation. He will be assisted by Mr. Steve Wehrle. Steve is a school teacher with management and coaching experience in the swim community.  They are already getting acclimated to our club and we look forward to a great new season.

Please email resumes and employment inquiries to: operations@woodcrestswimclub.com

Hours of Operation

Memorial Day weekend:

Saturday 11am-11pm

Sunday 11am-9pm

Monday 11am-8pm

After Memorial Day and before Cherry Hill public school closing:

Monday-Thursday: closed

Friday 4pm – 11pm

Sat 11am-11pm

Sun 11am-8pm

After Cherry Hill public schools close to Labor Day weekend:

Sunday-Thursday 11am – 9pm

Friday & Saturday 11am – 11pm


Labor Day weekend:

Saturday 11am-11pm

Sunday 11am-9pm

Monday 11am-8pm

*Hours subject to change.

Woodcrest Swim Club


Mailing Address:

PO Box 656

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


Physical Location:

399 Cranford Road (corner of Cranford and Astor)

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003



The club is located at Cranford Road and Astor Drive, across from the Woodcrest Elementary School, in the Woodcrest neighborhood of Cherry Hill, NJ. 

2016-17 WRA Board of TRUSTEES

Bart Saidel, President

Matt Dopkin, Vice-President

John Doyle, Treasurer

Janet Hung, Secretary

Jessica Walsh

Judie Albuquerque

Jim Schrader

Pete Flamini

Jerry Abrams

Paul Armstrong

John Lass

Barry Nagelberg

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2017 Committee responsibilities:

Membership: Chair: Jerry Abrams.

Members: Andrew Peterson, Bart Saidel 

Operations & Facilities: Chair: John Lass.

Members: Matt Dopkin, Barry Nagelberg, Paul Armstrong, Jim Schrader,  Judie Albuquerque

Also includes Health & Safety, Rules & Regs, Snack Bar, Pool Operations

Finance: Chair: Matt Dopkin 

Members: John Doyle, Pete Flamini, Barry Nagelberg

Swim & Dive: Chair: John Doyle 

Members: Judie Albuquerque

Social & Activities, Camps, Parties: Chairs: Janet Hung, Jessica Walsh

Athletics: Chair: Paul Armstrong

Communications: Chair: Bart Saidel 

Includes marketing, advertising, website, newsletter, social media

Board meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 7pm at the pool weather permitting. Please contact info@woodcrestswimclub.com for more details. 


2016-17 Board of Trustee Candidates

The following candidates are running for the 5 currently open positions:

Matt Dopkin, Jessica Walsh, Judie Albuquerque, Jerry Abrams, Janet Hung, Peter Flamini, and Ezio Treglia


Matt Dopkin

Matt Dopkin and Family

Matt Dopkin and Family

I’m Matt Dopkin and I’m running for a position on the Board. My family moved to Woodcrest six years ago and this is our third summer at the Woodcrest Swim Club. My wife, Amy, is a teacher and spends many days at the pool with our three children, Matthew, Nick, and Alex. Last year my oldest son, Matthew, joined the swim team and it was a positive and fun experience for him and our family. This year Nick and Alex, my twins, joined the team.

I believe my experience as an attorney and a CPA will benefit the members and allow me to help the Board maintain the club’s reputation and to explore ways to make the Woodcrest Swim Club even better than it is.

Jessica walsh

Jessica Walsh and Family

Jessica Walsh and Family

Many of you may recognize me volunteering my time at swim meets or around the club making it look pretty.  I am the type of person who enjoys helping out and coming up with solutions to problems. My hope is to be part of the success of this club and create a fun and enjoyable experience in the future to come.

Judie albuquerque

Judie Albuquerque

Judie Albuquerque

My name is Judie Albuquerque, I have been a member of the Woodcrest Recreation Association for 6 years.  I have been very involved as a parent with the swim team, and both of my children are Woodcrest Whitesharks.  In addition to being a member of WRA I will begin my 14th year of teaching the Cherry Hill Public Schools in the fall.  I am running for the board with the hope that I can help keep WRA a great place for families to enjoy their summer.

Jerald Abrams

Jerry Abrams

Jerry Abrams

As a member of the WRA Board of Trustees for the past four years, I would like to thank you, for allowing me to represent and address your wishes and concerns.

Many of you know me as Jerry. A lot of you know me as Naomi, Daniella, Judianna, andJudah's Dad, or even as Eilat's husband. When I am not volunteering at the pool, I am a practicing attorney with over 25 years of experience in discrimination, employment and estate law. I represent clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Federal Courts, including the 2nd and 3rd Circuits of the United States of America.

My family and I have been active members of the Woodcrest Swim Club for over nine years. For the last four years I have served the club as an enthusiastic and pro-active Board member, ensuring the continual peaceful operation of the club. During my tenure, I have served both on the Operations and Membership Committees. This included working with other Board members to resolve issues related to the day-to-day operations, as well as marketing our club to prospective members. I have worked to support your concerns, helping to change the view of the club from "the club with rules to the fun and relaxing club that we are known as today. 

I have listened to concerns of current and prospective members and pushed to introduce change, such as opening the club's ground up to members for use during swim practice, making the large pool more welcoming to the entire family, promoting the open food policy, and encouraging float and raft night. I have also devoted my efforts to ensure that the club is run smoothly, pushing for the installation of a new sound system and maintenance repairs in a quick and timely fashion.

For the past year I took on the added responsibility of Membership Chair. The committee spent many off-season hours analyzing data from other clubs and streamlining our membership tiers and fees. This season, with the introduction of a new computer system, it is easier for members to sign up on-line and obtain information about the club 24x7.  Also, a new check and balance system was instituted to make sure that payments are logged and membership deposits are tracked on a timely basis. The key tag system was reintroduced and a new marketing and advertising scheme was launched to attract new members, all of which helped to keep membership fees and costs down.

I am happy to report that during the last year we have welcomed over 70 new families to the club, which I believe is a new modern day record for the club.

Currently, I am working in conjunction with the Social Committee, to bring fun events, such as New Members Appreciation event and the Family Social, to make new members feel more welcome and encouraged to remain.

I am now once again running for election to the board to help continue the positive direction of the club, and ask that you give me your support so that I may continue to represent your interests, increase membership, and keep the cost of membership down.

Thank you, Jerry Abrams

Janet Hung

Janet Hung

Janet Hung

My name is Janet Hung, probably best known as Olivia and Jax’s mom and the one of the parents who help “stage” the swimmers at swim meets, and I would be honored to serve on the WRA Board of Directors. 

In a previous life, I was a scientific researcher at PENN, and then worked for a major pharmaceutical company in Sales, Sales Training, and as a Project Manager developing and planning medical training meetings for clinicians across the US. After my husband Moly and I started our family, we discovered each of our children had severe life-threatening allergies, and when our oldest was entering kindergarten, Moly and I made the tough choice for me to stay at home to care for our children and our aging parents and in-laws.  While I love being at home with my children and helping them grow into productive contributing young people, I did feel a void in being a part of a team working towards a common goal.  I soon realized I could use my professional skill set to benefit my children and their peers via the Johnson School PTA. 

Most recently, I held the positions of VP of Fundraising, Jamboree Silent Auction Chair, and the 5th Grade Chair.   I also took the idea of a new 5K fundraiser for the school, said “Go BIG or Go home!” and, with the support of a great group of parent volunteers, we created the Johnson 5K & HOOTFest, a 5K & Fun Run with a craft fair, sports activities for the kids, music and food. We were proud to have WRA as the only swim club sponsor.  Despite the looming rain on event day, our inaugural year was a huge success and it was great to see many WRA families join Johnson for the festivities.   With the money we raised from HOOTFest, we are able to give the Johnson School library a much-needed makeover and I have been spending my “free” time while my kids are at swim team practice to paint the Johnson School library.  From my volunteer time with the PTA, and as the Cherry Hill National representative for softball and coach, I have met families from all over town & love to talk about what their swim club activities are.  The first idea that we implemented at WRA was the recent “Make Your Own Sundae” we had on July 24. 

When the WRA pre-season clean up began in the early spring, we brought our kids to the pool and help to clean & paint.  Moly and the kids asked why are were doing this?!?  I responded because we (the kids & I) spend 6-8 hours a day, 6 days a week at WRA so it should be as nice as it can be for not just us but for all the families, members, and guests!  We love the experience and fun the swim team has given us as a family, and the social life WRA has provided to us all.  It has been a great place to meet new families and make new friends.  

What do I have to offer the Board?  I am a listener and I try to listen to all viewpoints before offering my opinion.  I am then a problem solver with a “Let’s get this done right!” attitude.  As a leader I take charge & give 110%.  I am equally a good follower - give me a task and I will give it 110% to help complete the vision of the team lead.  My motto with my family and the PTA is, “It is only a problem if you fail to consider a solution.  Otherwise you are just complaining.  Find a way to be part of a solution.”  I hope my professional and volunteer experience will add to the continuing efforts to build positive and memorable experiences for all who walk through the doors of the WRA, and as a member of the WRA Board, my pledge is to help WRA become the premier Cherry Hill Swim Club!

Peter Flamini

Hi!  My name is Pete Flamini and I am running for one of the open positions on the WRA Board this year.  My wife Melinda and I joined Woodcrest with our children Abigail and Peter this summer after six summers at another CHAP club, and while it was a bit sad to pull that trigger at first, we could not be happier with the decision we made. Woodcrest has turned out to be a fantastic place to be and we look forward to spending the rest of our family summers here, which is exactly why I'm running for the Board - we both think that an important part of committing to a community like this long-term is to get involved in trying to make it even better for everyone else and ensuring that it continues to be a terrific option for even more families in the years to come.

I think I can do a quality job for you on the Board for a few reasons -

One, my wife and I bought our home in Cherry Hill ten years ago, but have both spent our entire lives within a ten-mile (or less) radius of this town.  We are both completely South Jersey born and raised, so we understand the people, the communities, and the values that are important to the folks that live here.

Two, I have a degree in Accounting from Drexel University with an emphasis in finance and work with the Boards of Trustees of various local retirement funds, so I have a strong grasp of the monetary concerns that go along with trying to make WRA as successful and enjoyable as possible while still being sensitive to not increasing the cost to our member families.

Finally, I *want* to do this job for the WRA and my family.  There is no requirement of our memberships that everyone take at least one term on the Board, I'm not running because there aren't enough people and "somebody has to", etc.  I want to be a part of this and I think we all know from experience that a person doing a job because they are genuinely interested in doing it always produces better results than a person doing that same job out of a sense of obligation.

So please consider voting for me on August 13th for the privilege of serving on the WRA Board.  I will be at the club all day on the 13th prior to the Annual Meeting participating in the CHAP volleyball tournament, and I welcome you to come up and meet me, ask me any questions you may have about my background, etc.  Thank you for this opportunity.

Ezio treglia

My name is Ezio Treglia. I work for the Navy and have a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering (City College) and earned an MBA (LaSalle).  

I’ve been a pool member for over a decade. My children (Michael 14, Megan 9) are both year-round swimmers, so I have been active at Woodcrest pool by helping with staging, timing, and pep rallies. I’ve volunteered my time for club opening and closing tasks.  Additionally, I’m a USA Swimming certified Stroke and Turn Official here at Woodcrest and my kid’s year- round club. 

I'm passionate about making a difference both at work and in my personal life.  I strive to set a good example for my kids that you must work hard and volunteer your time because all it takes is one.  If elected as a board member, I will do my best to make Woodcrest pool a place families want to join where they can create fun summer memories together. 

Thank you for considering me as a potential board member of Woodcrest pool.