Bylaws, Rules, & Bonds


Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations have been established and approved by the Woodcrest Recreation Association, Inc. Board of Trustees in accordance with the WRA Bylaws to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the pools and facilities and for the safety, protection and benefit of all members and their guests. 

All members are requested to familiarize themselves, their children and guests with these Rules and Regulations, to observe them and obey all instructions of the managers and staff. Click HERE to download the Rules and Regulations.



The Bylaws were established by the original club owners to provide guidance to the members and the Board on how the club is to be administered. The Bylaws are to be reviewed every few years for revisions desired and approved by current member owners. All members should take time to become familiar with the Bylaws. Click HERE to download the WRA Bylaws.


Membership & Bond Resignation, Reduction and Suspension FAQ

Please click HERE to view our FAQ about membership & bond resignation, reduction or suspension.


Lost Bond Affidavit

If you have lost your bond, you will need to complete a Lost Bond Affidavit and drop it off at the club. Please allow ample time to research for issuance of a new bond.  We appreciate your patience during this process.