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July 4th Games!

Woodcrest July 4th Games are back!

1:00pm Beach Ball Race:  

Push beach ball across pool with only using your nose.

1st heat: 1pm, all ages without swim bands in medium pool.

2nd heat: approx 1:20pm, all ages with swim bands beach ball relay race in large pool using the two lap lanes.

2:00pm Family Water Balloon Toss: 

Field next to playground. 1 adult & 1 child per team.

2:30pm & 3:30pm Baby Pool Games

Ring Toss & Duckies/Animal Charade to baby pool area

3:00pm Musical Beach Ball: 

medium pool, all ages welcome

3:30pm Family Sack Race: 

on the fields, we'll create teams!

4:00pm Money Dive

in the medium pool

And guess the number of M&M's in the jars.

Prizes for all participants!

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