Opportunities for Parental Involvement

With the exception of the Swim Coaches, the Woodcrest Swim Team is a purely volunteer program.  There are ample opportunities, within two general categories, for participation by parents.  One category involves the actual running of the individual Swim Meets, while the other relates to all short and long term non-meet team activities.  We are asking that each family volunteer time to swim team functions.

Swim Meet Assistance:

There is always a need for parents willing to help stage individual meets.  The meets work because parents get involved.  Involvement is an easy way to participate in your child's swim experience, and is also a great way for new club members to meet other swim parents.   Meet participation often offers the "best seat in the house" from which to observe your child compete.

Most of the opportunities for parental swim meet involvement have equivalents at both the “B” Meets and the "A" Meets.  Many positions (such as lane timers and runners) require only a willingness to participate with minimal advance training.  However, some of the A-Meet officiating positions require attendance at Tri-County clinics to obtain formal training and certification.  Please note that if you are interested in learning about being a Stroke & Turn Official, Starter or Referee, there is a free clinic at the beginning of the season.  Attendance at one of these clinics is required before you can actually participate in these activities.

Short and Long Term Non-Meet Activities:

There are a number of important activities outside the scope of the Swim Meets that greatly enhance each child's swim team experience.  These activities allow involvement by parents who aren't comfortable acting as meet officials and facilitators.  The major activities that need committees and/or parental involvement include:

 ·         Pizza and Ice Cream Parties associated with the Pep Rallies

·         Food and Entertainment for the Team Banquet

·         Team Gifts & Trophies

·         Fund Raising

 There are opportunities for all levels of involvement, and most of these activities are similar to Parent-Teacher or other sports organization activities.  The Swim and Dive Teams are always receptive to ideas that help us provide the swimmers/divers with the best overall team experience.