Woodcrest Learn to Swim Program 2017

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At Woodcrest, our primary goal is to make sure all swimmers enjoy swimming in a fun and enjoyable environment.  Our Learn to Swim program, which is coordinated and supervised by the Woodcrest swim team coaches, is geared around 3 primary objectives:

1.      To get children more comfortable in the water and become water safe

2.      To learn the basics of swimming leading to a greater confidence in the water

3.      To learn the skills necessary to earn their band 

Since children have different ability levels in the water, our goal is to help them achieve at least one of the primary objectives by the conclusion of the program.  It is our hope that swimmers in the program will eventually graduate to the White Sharks Training Squad and Swim Team.

Swim Program Groups

Information is located below on each group offered.  Each group will focus on trying to achieve one of our three primary objectives.  Parents will register their child/children into the group they feel best describes their ability as a swimmer.

 Group 1 (Comfort in the Water/ General Water Safety) – ages 4 and up


1.      Must be at least 4 years old.

2.      Must be potty-trained.

3.      Has to be able to follow verbal commands.

Description: This class will focus on floating, kicking (using a kickboard), breathing, treading, water entry, swimming independently, and general water safety.

If your child shows a great fear of the water private lessons can be arranged.  (offered by lifeguards).

Group 2 (Swimming Basics) – ages 4 and up


1.      Children should be able to place entire face underwater and show no fear of water.

2.      Able to use a kickboard without assistance and attempt to swim without assistance.

 Description: This class is similar to Group 1, but will focus on more advance technique. This class will focus on floating, kicking (using a kickboard), breathing, basic stroke mechanics, water entry and swimming independently.

Group 3 (Intermediate Swimming) – ages 5 and up


1.      Children must be able to hold their breath under water and demonstrate a form of freestyle stroke.

2.      They should be able to use a kickboard without assistance and attempt to swim without assistance.

Description: The group is geared towards children that know how to swim independently, but do not use correct stroke mechanics. There will be a higher child to instructor ratio in this group.  Children will learn the correct stroke mechanics for freestyle. The opportunity will be given to this group to earn their band during their group lesson or participate in a swim team B meet if possible.

Registration, Evaluation & Swim Group Placement

Parents should register their child/children for the group they feel best describes their skill level.  At the initial session, the instructors will evaluate your child and determine if they are in the correct group.  If within the first week your child demonstrates greater or lesser ability to their group level, they may be changed to a different group based on their ability.

Lesson Groups & Times

8 - 1/2 Hour Lessons - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday – 11:00-11:30

Pricing for the 8 lessons: $60

Session 1 -  June 19-22, June 26-29

Session 2 – July 10-13, July 17-20

Each session currently limited to 12 children.

If more than this is requested, additional time (11:30-12:00) may be added at management discretion.

Please pay online and/or turn in all registration forms & money to the front desk at the swim club by June 16th.

Any questions please contact:

John Doyle